Registered Company name
ULAS Inc.,
Registered office address
5-2 Shinsen, Shibuya-Ku Tokyo Japan 150-0045
20.August 2020.
Managing Director
Takeuchi, Yuko
9,500,000 JPY
Main Bank
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank / PayPay Bank
Description of business
Business content development, manufacturing, distribution, and import/export of industrial machinery such as ozone generators.
Manufacture, import/export of medical /health/hygiene equipments.

=Origin of the Company Name=

ULAS is a celestial body called a quasar that shines extremely brightly at a distance far from the Earth and shines 1000 times brighter than the Milky Way galaxy universe in which we live. The quasar discovered in 2011, ULAS J1120 + 0641, was 28.85 billion light-years away from Earth and was considered the farthest quasar, but in 2017 ULAS J1342 + 0928 was discovered even further away. It became the second farthest quasar. However, soon we will discover celestial bodies in the universe even farther than this quasar.

ULAS. Humankind has constantly evolved science and built the future.

ULAS is the known end of the universe for us today, and it will indeed be reversed soon.

In the hope of becoming a company that can contribute to society by making full use of our technology and science and building the future, we chose ULAS, currently known to humankind as the end of the universe, as our starting line.