ULAS 特設仮ホームページのお知らせ

 ulas O3シリーズの開発を始めた7年前は、新型コロナウイルスは存在しませんでした。
ご家庭の水道水だけで高濃度オゾン水を生成いたしますulas O3は、もともと除菌、消臭を目的として開発されました。


今年に入り、新型コロナウイルスが人類の生活様式を変えてしまうほどの猛威を振るっています。世界各地で犠牲者の数が増えるに連れ、ulas O3 の技術とオゾンの威力をウィルスの撃退に活用したいと考えるようになりました。そしてオゾン濃度の高いオゾン水を用いればウイルスの不活化が可能であることに着目し、ulas O3をウイルス対策にも役立てようと考えを改めました。




そして、ついにオゾン濃度5ppmのオゾン水生成が可能なulas O3 シリーズ製品としての改良に成功し、皆様にむけて発売できることとなりましたので、急遽ulas.jp の仮設ページを設け、すべての方に安心して使っていただけるulas O3シリーズを発表させていただく運びとなりました。


尚、ulas O3 シリーズの販売につきましては、今回のプリローンチ期間を終えた後、ulas.jp にて順次公開、そして発売してまいります。

Pre-launch of ULAS website

When we had started the development of ulas O3 series seven years ago, the COVID-19, aka new-coronavirus, did not exist. We were focusing on the various characteristics of ozone water that can be created by merely dissolving ozone in household tap water, initially for sterilization and deodorization.

Immediately after the start of the development, we found out that it was also valid for skincare and beauty treatment; we were aiming for a product that would be useful for various purposes.


HOWEVER, COVID-19 had happened. The outbreak of the COVID-19 is so fierce that it has changed the way we live.

As the number of victims increased, we began shifting the goal.


Focusing on the findings that highly concentrated ozone water can eliminate the viruses, we re-aligned our goal to produce ulas O3 as a highly concentrated ozone water generator to repel viruses and germs to prevent the deadly disease.


Hence, the development teams in Japan, Europe, and Asia have continued to improve the mechanism so that we can regain the days where we can live with peace of mind again.


Recently we have achieved tremendous improvement in the level of ozone concentration in the ozone water using ulas O3 technology which enables us to accurately determine the timing of the launch of ulas O3 series which is much earlier than we have expected.


So please allow us to present the pre-launch site of ulas O3 by delivering good news to the world.


The launch of the online store of ulas O3 series will open after the pre-launch period is over on ulas.jp.