Did you know that

tap water alone can disinfect and

deodorize over 99%

of germs and viruses?

ULAS has changed the game in the field of medical grade ozone water generator.

ULAS has succeeded in developing compact ozone water spray that can quickly generate high potent ozone water for home use with a touch of your finger.


With our technology, we can deliver an ozone water generator with a higher concentration than those recognized in the medical field for general household use.

Just pour your household tap water into ulas O3and turn on the switch.

You will have the safest and most potent disinfectant and deodorizing ozone water on earth.

ulas O3 is currently applying for medical device certification in preparation for a partnership with a major medical device manufacturer.

Is ozone water effective against the COVID-19,

aka the new coronavirus?

There are various kinds of viruses, but the basic structure is the same.

The nucleic acid that is basically a gene is at the core, and it is wrapped in a protein envelope to protect its surroundings.

ulas O3 destroys the protein envelope of the virus instantaneously, exposing the gene in the core, thus inactivating the virus.


What is

ozone water?

Ozone water is a state in which ozone (O3) is dissolved in water (H2O). Its main components are water and air. Unlike ozone gas, it is non-persistent and extremely safe.


The characteristic of ozone is its excellent oxidizing power.

Ozone, or O3, is second only to fluorine in nature.

It has an oxidative effect and covers a wide range of fields such as sterilization and deodorization.

Ozone water is a state in which the ozone is dissolved in water.

Ozone water returns to water after sterilization and deodorization, so it is also environmentally friendly on the earth and to the human body, which is why it's attracting attention as one of the most gentle substance for use in disinfection, sterilization, and deodorization.


How does it work?

What is the mechanism of disinfection/deodorization using ozone water?

O3 - O = O2

Ozone molecule O3 is formed by connecting three oxygen atoms O, which is an allotrope with oxygen, O2

But compared to oxygen, it has unstable characteristics. ulas 03 utilizes this characteristic to its advantage.

When encountering bacteria, viruses, or foreign substances which often causes the odour, one of the three oxygen atoms separates, one of which binds to the bacteria and viruses and instantly oxidizes destroying them. On the other hand, the two oxygen atoms remaining from the separation become oxygen O2; therefore, the only residual substance is oxygen.

So why has it not been widely known and had not been put into practical use at home?


It was mostly due to another characteristic of ozone water.

As soon as ozone water exposed in the air, ozone water begins to decompose, and concentration of ozone in ozone water decreases significantly becoming less potent in seconds.

In the beginning, the prototype of ulas O3 had successfully recorded ozone water with 3ppm concentration. However, we realized that we needed to significantly increase the level of concentration if was to inactivate the new coronavirus as ozone water loses its concentration of about 1.5 to 2 ppm by the time it reaches the object about 10 cm away from the spray port.

Furthermore, ozone is easily affected by humidity and the room temperature.

So, if the concentration at the time of generation is 3 ppm or less, complete sanitization and deodorization may not be possible, as the scientific study suggests 1ppm or more is required to eliminate bacteria and viruses.

Therefore, the concentration of ozone in the ozone water should be 4ppm or higher if one is expecting to put a full potent of ozone water to work at home.

ulas O3 series can generate ozone water of 5ppm or higher by the unique and innovative technology developed by ULAS.


If the ozone water is sprayed at 5ppm from the ulas O3 to the area you want to sanitize or/and deodorize, and it will reach the target while still maintaining a concentration of 3 ppm or more, more than enough to inactivate bacteria and viruses.


The ulas O3 series incorporates this unique technology into a small, easy-to-use, handy-type spray system (a utility model patent acquired), making it easy to use in any place and any part.

ULAS will test its effectiveness on various viruses and germs simultaneously and will disclose the results on this ULAS official website.


Humankind has been protected by Ozone

since the beginning of time.


Ozone layer has been absorbing the

harmful ultraviolet rays emitted from the

sun even before wearrived on this planet.


About 100 years

have passed

since the

discovery of

ozone water.

Looking back at the history of humankind,

we have been challenged by various deadly viruses,

but each time we have managed to overcome

the hardship by listening to our wisdom.

In 2020

Humankind has entered the new way of life, the New Normal.


"Let us be protected by ozone again"



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